About Alchemy Of The Hearth

About Our Business

Alchemy of the Hearth is dedicated to the home cook and the professional chef. We know that magic happens in every kitchen and we want to help share this magic with everyone.

We're a group of talented chefs and home cooks with a love of food, comfort and friendship. Our doors are an open forum to the wonders of great flavors, varied tastes and fabulous experiences!

Our philosophy is that life is too short not to enjoy the pleasure of creating a good meal to share with family and friends. Uncomplicated and without pretense, cooking is a meditation on all that is sacred. There is no better way to feed your mind, body and spirit!

We invite you to join us in our pursuit of simple pleasures. Celebrate memories of days gone by and be a part of the creation of memories to come. Our hearth is forever warm in anticipation of the wonderful journey that is cooking.