Arleen Lloyd

Arleen LloydArleen Lloyd has been in love with cooking since she was 5 years old. Her fascination with creating culinary magic with a few basic ingredients was the inspiration for this life long love affair. Her first experiments at baking produced cookies that resembled hockey pucks which only a mother would dare to eat and only when they were hot! Graduating to an Easy Bake Oven, her repertoire grew to include small cakes and brownies. Once she was tall enough, she began creating mouthwatering delights in a real kitchen and the rest is her story.

Having followed the standard progression after college of becoming a corporate executive in marketing, Arleen found herself constantly gravitating towards kitchen equipment and all it had to offer. Her travels were always an exploration into the nuances of cultural cooking, the how, the why and the joy of eating each creation. Finally, in 1987 she realized her passion and opened a catering business with both wholesale and retail divisions in Miami, FL. Her days were filled with supplying restaurants and cafeterias with specialty baked goods and catering extravagant events for both corporate clients and individuals. Life became a 24/7 adventure in all that is gastronomy!

Arleen’s culinary range includes the cuisine of many cultures, as well as, the fine art of pastry and chocolate arts. Her years of experience creating delectable foods that nurture both the body and spirit emphasize her philosophy that cooking is a meditation on all that is sacred. Life is too short not to enjoy the pleasure of creating a good meal, that is uncomplicated and without pretense, to share with family and friends. There is no better way to feed the mind, body and spirit!

She is currently the Executive Chef of Alchemy of the Hearth, CA and teaches classes within San Diego County.

Class Schedule

Chicken Chicken Chicken Cooking 101 - Jan-28-2015 - Arleen Lloyd

Join us as we explore the world of the humble chicken. From eggs to bird, learn all about the majesty of this wonderful bird including: how to buy, cut, store and prepare. Bring an apron, chef knife, closed toe shoes and containers to transport your creations home. Class full

The Ocean's Bounty Cooking 101 - Jan-29-2015 - Arleen Lloyd

Join us as we explore the ocean’s bounty and the how to of selecting fish and shellfish, the best cooking methods, when to buy, proper storing, and how much to buy. Bring an apron, chef knife and containers to transport your creations home.

The Women's Room - Jan-30-2015 - Arleen Lloyd

The power of a woman's experience has no bounds. Join us as we come together to share our wisdom, experiences, joys and sorrows while cooking our way through surprise ingredients. Like life, we'll deal with what we've got and turn it into something magical and magnificent. If you're looking for good conversation, laughter and companionship without the need to "pretend" this is the place for you. Bring an apron, closed toe shoes, chef's knife, and containers to take your creations home.

The Business of Food - Jan-31-2015 - Arleen Lloyd