Bread Essentials

Do you want to learn how to make real bread from scratch? Are you fascinated by how flour, water, yeast and salt can create the most wonderful alchemy? Then this is the program for you.

Join Chef Joy for a primer on the essentials of bread making. You do not need any prior experience in bread baking, as you will learn the fundamentals in this series. Classes are 3 to 4 hours in length over a 5 week time frame. Once you've completed this series, you can enroll in The Bread Lab to continue your exploration into the world of bread making.

General Goals:
1. Develop an understanding of different yeast, how yeast works and how to convert one yeast type to another.
2. Develop an understanding of bread ingredients and the purpose of each – flour types, enriching ingredients etc.
3. Learn or improve bread dough kneading skills; learn when dough is kneaded enough.
4. Practice forming loaves: free standing loaves, pan loaves, braids, and rolls.

Class 1: Introduction to bread ingredients and their purpose,kinds of yeast, flour types, and enriching ingredients. Discuss the fundamental procedures of bread making including, scaling, hand kneading, trouble shooting. Students will make bread using the straight dough method. One bread will be made from start to finish and baked in class, one dough will be made to take home and finish.

Class 2: Sandwich/Loaf Breads: Learn about using instant yeast vs active dry, the different flour types- semolina, bread, AP, how to scale ingredients vs cup measurement, how to shaping dough for loaf pans, how to choose the correct loaf pan size. Students will bake sandwich/loaf bread in class.

Class 3: Braided Breads: how to form braids and twists, using egg as an enrichment, using different flour types, using instant and fresh yeast. Breads to be made in class include challah and honey-wheat twist.

Class 4: Flavored Breads: using different types of yeast, baking with steam, adding savory ingredients, kneading in heavy ingredients, slashing bread.

Class 5: Dinner rolls: how to shape rolls – rounds, twist, knots, cloverleafs, how to glaze and top rolls.

Sat, 2013-01-12 09:00 - 13:00
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Joy Jameson