Baking & Patisserie Program

You have a passion for baking and patisserie like no one else. You love the smell of yeast and the feel of dough between your fingers. Chemistry doesn't scare you. In fact, you love the very thought of it! Becoming a pastry chef is your dream.

Alchemy of the Hearth is an intimate, focused culinary school that follows the European tradition of apprenticeship under the wings of an experienced chef. Our classes are small, hands-on and geared towards preparing future chefs one at a time. You won't get lost in our classes and your training will be intense, fun and exhilarating.

Our Baking and Patisserie Program consists of three parts and is geared towards preparing you to be the best you can be. Each section of 10 classes costs $1500.00 and the total program costs $4500.00. Cost of program does not include uniform or textbook which must be purchased separately.

Baking and Patisserie I classes include:

Food Safety and Sanitation
Straight/Direct Doughs I
Straight/Direct Doughts II
Indirect Doughs - Starters and Sourdough I
Indirect Doughs - Starters and Sourdough II
Rich Yeast Doughs
Donuts and Fritters
Croissants, Danish, Puff Pastry I
Croissants, Danish, Puff Pastry II
Croissants, Danish, Puff Pastry III

Baking and Patisserie II classes include:

Biscuits and Scones
Pie Doughs and Pies
Tart Doughs and Tarts
Pate a Choux and Pastry Cream
Custards, Puddings, Mousses
Candy making and Meringues
Plated Desserts and Sauces
Dessert Presentation

Baking and Patisserie III classes include:

Butter Cakes and Muffins
Sponge Cakes
Foam Cakes
Classic Cakes - Jaconde, Sacher
Classic Cakes - Opera, Devil's Food
Classic Cakes - Frangipane, Black Forest
Petit Fours
Frostings, Glazes, Icing
Basic Cake Decorating
Fondant and Intro to Wedding Cakes

There are no classes schedule for Professional Baking/Patisserie