Alchemy of the Hearth's Confectionery classes include instruction in the fine art of candy making, the chocolate arts and sugar art. Classes are scheduled during the months of October through June and are dependent upon weather conditions.

We invited you to join us in all that is sweet and finger lickin good!

Candy Apples Oct-30-2014 - Arleen Lloyd

Candy apples are a sight to behold. Whether they glisten from the hard shell of a red sugar coating, the creaminess of caramel or decadent chocolate, it's hard to say no to a candy apple...

The Art of Candy Making Oct-30-2014 - Arleen Lloyd

Learn the time honored traditions of how to make toffees, caramels, and lollipops. Bring your love of candy to this hands on workshop along with an apron, three cookie sheets with sides, wear comfortable closed toe shoes and bring containers to take your goodies home...