Culinary Program

You have a passion for food like no one else. You don't mind hot, steamy kitchens, standing on your feet all day or the overwhelming smell of food cooking. In fact, you love the very thought of it! Becoming a chef is your dream.

Alchemy of the Hearth is an intimate, focused culinary school that follows the European tradition of apprenticeship under the wings of an experienced chef. Our classes are small, hands-on and geared towards preparing future chefs one at a time. You won't get lost in our classes and your training will be intense, fun and exhilarating.

There are several levels to our program. First, all students must begin with our foundation courses: Cooking 101, Cooking 102, and Mastering Technique, which can be taken simultaneously. Upon evaluation, students will enter into the professional culinary program geared towards perfecting skill and technique.

The Professional Culinary Program consists of 3 sections of 10 classes per section. The tuition for the professional program is $4500.00 (Tuition does not include the costs of Cooking 101, 102 and Mastering Technique, uniforms and book).

Professional Culinary classes include:

PRO Section I

Food Safety and Sanitation
Moist Heat Cooking Principles
Dry Heat Cooking Principles
Seasoning and Flavoring
Recipes and Food Cost
The Menu and Nutrition
Breakfast and Egg Cookery
Stocks - Deglazing, Clarification and Reduction

PRO Section II

Meat I Cookery
Meat II Cookery
Poultry I Cookery
Poultry II Cookery
Fish and Shellfish I Cookery
Fish and Shellfish II Cookery
Vegetable Cookery
Starches Cookery
Food Presentation I
Food Presentation II


Salad Dressings
Canapes and Hors d'Oeuvres
Food Presentation and Garnish
Cheese and Wines
Cold Buffet Platters
Fruit Carving
Charcuterie - Pates, Terrines, Galantines
Buffet Layout and Presentation

There are no classes schedule for Professional Culinary Program