Our international classes are geared towards teaching time honored techniques and recipes that are true to the area being explored. You'll learn how foods are prepared in the country of origin, be exposed to ingredients specific to those countries and learn where to shop for what you'll need to recreate each dish.

There is no better way to travel than to experience a culture through its food. Rich, inviting, complex and exciting, the world of international cuisine will expand your knowledge not only of food but also of the people and country you chose to experience.

Moles of Mexico Nov-13-2014 - Arleen Lloyd

Mole (MOH-lay) is one of the most revered and feared recipes from Mexico because of its complex flavors and its intimidating ingredients list. There are many varieties of mole, the most famous being from Puebla and Oaxaca...

Calzone and Stromboli the Stuffed Breads of Italy Nov-13-2014 - Arleen Lloyd

Join us for a morning of exploration into the world of Italy's stuffed breads, the Calzone and Stromboli. Calzones are turnovers that resemble an inside out pizza, while Strombolis are Italy's answer to a baked sandwich...